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About Us

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Spoiling dogs is at the heart of our hand-crafted and scrumptious gourmet dog treats at Two Tails Dog Bakery.

Each and every treat is made with great care near Omaha, Neb. We believe your dogs should enjoy treats that are meticulously created with wholesome ingredients. We also hope our treats will bring joy and fun to you and your dogs!

Our ingredients are human-quality and sourced from U.S. bakery supply companies. Treats are all-natural except for a small amount of food coloring in colored icing. Icing and confections contain a small amount of sugar.

Our treats do not contain preservatives. We have been making treats since 2007 and have developed a special process that allows them to be stored at room temperature for several months. Confections can be frozen in an airtight container for much longer.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for treats to be shipped.

Please note that in the summer, the temperature must be 80 degrees or below for treats to ship.


Our taste-testers Lily, Corey, Gracie, Sam and Clare